Specialized Spay and Neuter Surgery for Dogs and Cats

Healthy Pet is a mobile pet care service, and a division of China Grove Veterinary Clinic. We’re lucky to have Dr. Elizabeth Bowman, a highly-skilled professional in spay/neuter procedures at our home office.

She is a passionate animal lover and is committed to end the needless euthanizing of healthy animals. She provides services at a much lower price so that anyone can get wellness care for their pet with ease.

China Grove Veterinary Clinic is not a non-profit organization. We don’t receive any funding from outside sources to run our clinic. Apart from providing quality medical care through qualified professionals, we’re also affiliated to a number of major veterinary medical associations.

Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Services From Veterinary Professionals

You can call 210-648-1940 and make an appointment at China Grove Veterinary Clinic for your dog or cat for a spay/neuter surgery. These procedures are performed by qualified medical professionals on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Surgery Intake Procedures:

  • We give every patient a Capstar Flea tablet at a charge of $9
  • Unless current certificate is presented at drop-off, a Rabies vaccine is administered to all patients at a cost of $15
  • Pain medication (tablets for dogs and injections for cats) is recommended for all patients at around $25 per patient

Take a look at our prices:


  • Spay – $85
  • Neuter – $70


  • 0-25 lb – Spay $110 / Neuter $95
  • 26-50 lb – Spay $125 / Neuter $110
  • 51-80 lb – Spay $160 / Neuter $140
  • 81-100 lb – Spay $200 / Neuter $160
  • 101+ lb – Spay $275 / Neuter $220